Customer Tours Spain on a Geoff Roberts

Take a look at some lovely photos our customer Robert sent us, along with a little description of his experience touring southern Spain on his new Geoff Roberts frame.

Dear Geoff,

Here are some pictures of my touring bike on the mountain roads of southern Spain. We tightened up the Brooks saddle and put some 38mm Continental TravelContact tyres on it for the rough roads. The bike handles beautifully and is extremely comfortable. The disc brakes have been a revelation. They have superb stopping power, are easy to adjust and give consistent braking both wet and dry. My brother Edward has struggled to stop his bike on steep wet descents with his old cantilever brakes but the Spyre disc brakes have been fantastic. The fork blades certainly seem to be strong enough for the full touring load. We'll send you some more pictures when we get back.

Thank you very much for such an excellent bicycle.

Best wishes,

Robert Simonso