Geoff Roberts summer get together a huge success!


The first Geoff Roberts open day was a huge success.

Over 75 people attended and it was well received by everyone. The weather was perfect, we were so lucky. We had a free BBQ soft refreshments and a few beers for those who needed one!

People came from all over the South, Harry Rowland the well known wheel builder even rode in from Ramsgate. plus Roy who had driven down the night before who came from Stockton.

Lots of local club cyclists came, some cycled and some drove so many cyclists who had never met before had a common interest. Which made them friends from the start.

It was also an opportunity to meet Geoff Roberts himself and to talk about anything cycle related.

The bikes ranged from the 60’s to the latest ones. The were mountain bikes 'dogs bollox' and even a Roberts trike ridden in from Hailsham for the first time in 18 years!

We had a best Roberts competition which was won by Tim Bright, with his 70’s fast back. The judges were Simon Prior from Phoenix Cycles Eastbourne and Glen Mitchell who rode in the 1980 Olympics held in Russia, who is a friend of Geoffs.

Lots of frame building veterans came with the frames built up that they had made, and lots of comparing with each other took place. It was interesting see how a basic frame could differ with different colour combinations. Once the frame has a saddle, pedals and group sets on they look amazing. Quite rightly, the owners are super proud of a bike that they have made themselves.

The day was such a huge success that we are already thinking about next years. We have already been asked if we know the date so that the date can be earmarked in dairies. It’s going to be especially poignant as it would have been Geoffs dad's Chas ,the founder of Roberts 100th birthday. So we will be marking this event in his honour.

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