Roberts frames have always been made by hand.


Geoff started in the bicycle business when he was a schoolboy working for his father Charlie Roberts, filing frames for pocket money.

Cycling and building bicycles flows through the veins of the Roberts family and Geoff has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft, this experience hasn't been gained from reading books, Geoff was born into it. It is in the blood!

As well as a lifetime building steel bicycle frames, Geoff was a professional rider for a time, so fully understands the needs of a cyclist, from frames building to riding. 

Geoff may not be as quick these days, but still rides regularly.


Meet Geoff

Geoff Roberts.JPG

Geoff Roberts
Owner & Chief Frame Builder

over 45 years of building handmade bicycle frames, Geoff is a master craftsman. Every bicycle that he builds is as special as the first he built back in 1972.