A bespoke handmade bicycle is the ultimate ride!

The only Roberts family member still frame building, Geoff is determined to keep the Roberts name alive.


custom bicycle frame building

Custom Bicycle Frames

From a pile of steel tubes, carefully measured and mitred by hand, brazing and filing all done by hand, the old fashioned way.

A Geoff Roberts frame is unique and made specifically for your riding style and measurements.

Bicycle Frame Building Course

Frame Building Course

From his workshop in East Sussex. Learn how to build your own bicycle with one to one tuition from Geoff, in just 5 days!

You will learn the art of hand building steel bicycle frames and benefit from Geoff’s 45 years experience, building handmade steel bicycles frames.

Steel Bicycle Frame Repairs

Bicycle Repairs

One of the reasons so many people are turning to traditional steel bicycle frames, is repairs and modifications can be made very easily.

Ensuring your bicycle is in perfect condition or modified to suit you and the way you ride.